Ocean Pier



Offshore Platforms

with Membrane Nitrogen


  • Nitro-Lift Can Show You How to Increase Reserves Without Spending CapEx.

  • NitroLift brings a distinct competitive advantage for offshore operations with it’s patented Recirc Nitrogen Units and it’s patented Dry-PAK Nitrogen Membrane Units.

  • Each address common offshore issues of footprint and lack of produced gas to produce wells and to power the platform.

  • Our patented units have a 30% smaller footprint vs. competitors as well as a process for lifting wells artificially with less horsepower.

  • We gained our first experience in this area in 2012 with Energy XXI.



  • Artificial Lift for Offshore Platforms with Membrane Nitrogen.

  • Hydrate Remediation from Subsurface Lines and Pipelines: Our first experience in this area was for Exxon on the Hoover- Diana Platform.

  • New Platform Commissioning: Involves pressure testing new platforms with inert nitrogen.

  • Purging Lines with Nitrogen for Safe Repair and Maintenance.

  • Offshore Vessel and Barge Purging.

  • Nitrogen for Pressurizing Stabilizer Cans.